Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since Fat Pizza debuted on Aussie television? Well, guess what – the show is returning!

For those unfamiliar with the cult comedy, the show focuses on the life of Pauly and his fellow co-workers as they deliver pizzas for ‘Fat Pizza’, the Sydney-based pizzeria of Bobo Gigliotti, whose slogan is “they’re big and they’re cheesy”.

Known for its urban street humour and slapstick satire, Fat Pizza lasted for six seasons, and even had two feature films. But, if you thought it ended there… think again! The original crew is returning for a brand new season, ‘Fat Pizza: Back In Business’.

“Fat Pizza is one of the boldest Aussie comedies on television,” creator and series lead Pauly Fenech told

“Get set for bigger and cheesier storylines straight from the headlines. Social media trolls, get ready to rumble!”

Fenech will reprise his role as Pauly Falzoni, the former pizza delivery boy who is now the boss of Fat Pizza. We’ll see Pauly trying to rebuild the notorious restaurant in the infamous suburb of ‘Hashfield’. By doing this, he’ll find himself fighting with councils, street gangs, politicians, and app-driven delivery services.


Fan favourites Mama, Sleek and Bobo will reunite with Fenech, as well as notorious ‘Housos’ characters Shazza, Vanessa and Kev the Kiwi. The series will also feature WSFM’s Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, Jean Kittson, Anthony Mundine, Angry Anderson, Holly Brisley, Melissa Tkautz, Chris Franklin, Garry Who and George Kapiniaris.

Fat Pizza: Back In Business will premiere on 7mate later in the year.

(Source: 7News)

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