When most of us lie down in bed flat on our back, we’ll be staring up at a blank ceiling. Maybe you’ve got a splash of coloured paint to liven up the place or some of those glow in the dark stars up there, but that’s about it.

Well that is unless you’re someone like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. Every time that quirky bunch lays their head down on the pillow do you know what they stare at?

A shirtless poster of Antonio Banderas of all people! Or “Tony B” as Dax refers to him.

Kyle and Jackie O asked Dax about the poster during their chat and he explained that it all started out as a bit of a joke but ended up staying on their roof because it’s a…helpful tool.

“Kristen had a poster of Tony B in her childhood bedroom and I found out about that when we first started dating and it just never made sense to me cause knowing the guys she’s attracted to, I thought that’s a very advanced guy to be in love with at 13,” explained Dax.

Eventually, Dax found out that the only reason why Kristen kept the poster of the Spanish actor in her childhood bedroom was because she’d seen someone else with one and thought it would make her cooler.

The poster then turned into a running joke between the famous couple and their friends and one day while they were away, one of their friends thought it would be funny to tape the poster above their bed.


But little did they know, that the poster would end up staying there because Dax actually enjoyed having it there. In fact, he would use it to help him…calm down…when he needed to, so to speak.

“We got such a laugh out of laying in bed staring up at him cause he’s staring directly into your eyes…he’s directly above the marital bed,” said Dax.

“As I’ve said in the past, what it serves me is if I’m getting too close to take off and I want to curve that, I just check in with Tony, look him right in the eye, and then I’m good to go a little while longer.”

There you go fellas there’s a helpful tip for you. Forget calling AMI next time you have a little timing issue, just grab yourself a photo of Antonio Banderas!

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