We often hear about the excruciating pain women experience during (and after) childbirth. However, we never consider the men. While they aren’t the ones physically giving birth, they are still often involved in the birthing process, which can be a bit confronting… to say the least. 

Bianca, Mike & Bob asked their listeners to call up with their own experiences, whether it be themselves or their partner, and oh boy, did they get some great stories! 

“I was in there with my wife, trying to do the right thing holding her hand, giving her words of encouragement. Next minute, I’m sitting on the floor out cold… today I still cop it!”

However, they weren’t all funny, with their last male caller chillingly explaining the genuine emotional trauma they suffered (and continues to experience) following the birth of his child, and it’s not what you would expect.

Have a listen below.

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