From today, May 1st, coronavirus lockdown restrictions will be slightly eased across the country…

But just because it’s allowed, doesn’t mean that Jackie’s going to be doing it.

In fact, she put out the word on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to any of her friends that may be listening not to invite her over because she won’t be leaving her house.

So why doesn’t Jackie want to come out of isolation? It’s not necessarily anything to do with the virus… She told us basically what everyone else is thinking right now; that she hasn’t had enough time to prepare and isn’t post-isolation ready just yet!

Yep, we’re all in the same boat Jackie. The gyms have been shut and we’ve all been sitting at home with nothing to comfort us but the contents of our fridge, and we’ve had basically no time to prepare ourselves for the outside.


It’s very inconsiderate really.

“I saw a meme this morning and it said, ‘If we’re really going to lift these restrictions can you give us two weeks notice so we can lose some weight and get our sh*t together?” Jackie said on air this morning.

“I’m not ready to see people now! If someone invited me around I’d have to make up an excuse that I’m not available and that’s really hard during these times.”

Literally though how do you make up an excuse when al you can do is stay at home? Oh yeah, I uh, I have to wash my hair so I can’t make it sorry..

And it’s not just the no exercising and excessive eating that we’re worried about! We haven’t been able to do our hair, fix up our nails, get a wax or ANYTHING for so long now that our whole appearance is just not ready for the outside world.

Jackie didn’t want to have to make up an excuse, so she told everyone listening not to invite her over to save everyone the embarrassment.


“And then they suddenly lift these restrictions and I’m not ready!” Jackie laughed. “So anyone who’s listening that might be a friend of mine, do not invite me around because I’m not ready yet.”

Never have we ever heard something so relatable! Who else is feeling the same way right now?