Elton John and the people behind his upcoming Rocketman biopic are discussing their unique approach to the film.

Rocketman has been described as a “fantasy musical,” as opposed to a traditional biopic, so longtime fans have been cautioned about reading too much into the film’s anachronisms.

“This film is Elton’s magical retelling of his own life,” says director Dexter Fletcher in a new teaser clip.

And while the story of the film isn’t historically accurate, John himself says it cuts to the reality of his experience on an emotional level — his triumphs, his regrets and his breakthroughs.

“It had to be as honest as possible,” John says. “The lows were very low, but the highs were very high. And that’s how I wanted the film to be.”

Despite John’s highly-public estrangement from his family, particularly from his mother, and his trials with drugs and alcohol, ultimately Rocketman is meant to show what John overcame and how he became the artist and the person he is today.

You can watch the full clip above.


Rocketman is due in theaters on May 31.

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Article: Andrew Magnotta

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