Emma Stone has revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon how her stage name was inspired by a member of the Spice Girls – admitting she’s been a pretty major fan since the ’90s.


The 30-year-old actress, who was born Emily Jean Stone, said she had to come up with a new moniker because there was already another actress with that name.

“Growing up, I was super blonde, and my real name is Emily, but I wanted to be called Emma because of Baby Spice and guess what, now I am,” she said.


“So, that’s pretty messed up,” she joked.

“It wasn’t necessarily because of [Baby Spice], but yes, in second grade, did I go up to the teacher and ask her to call me Emma? Yes, I did.”

“And was it because of Emma Lee Bunton from the Spice Girls? Yes, it was,” she admitted.

She said she saw The Spice Girls live in the ’90s, again in 2008 and has plans to get tickets to next year’s reunion show.


“They’ve recently announced a new tour and I will be going to that … somehow.”

“I don’t think tickets are on sale but I’m going to figure it out!”

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