We’ve spent some time recognising the heroes involved in saving lives in a Triple Zero Hero segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show recently. Although today we had our youngest hero yet!

Today we heard the absolutely incredible audio from the moment a 12-year-old boy called a NSW Ambulance call-taker after his mum became incredibly ill.

12-year-old Phin told the call-taker that his mum had started getting a migraine when suddenly she began throwing up and lost some feeling in her legs.

“My mum started getting a headache and then she started throwing up in the toilet,” Phin said over the phone. You could hear the worry in his voice as he tried to explain the situation.

“And then it started getting a lot worse and now she’s starting to not feel her legs.”

While Phin may not have been aware what exactly what was wrong with his mother, the symptoms seemed quite clear to the NSW Ambulance Call-Taker.

She asked Phin to go to his mother and she directed him with various questions and activities to go through with his mum in order to perform a stroke test.


Phin was truly a little hero in the moment and despite probably being quite scared and nervous, he was able to do exactly what the call-taker asked of him.

Phin’s little brother Sam was also equally helpful, calling his dad to let him know what was happening and making sure that the paramedics could get inside the house.

The audio from the moment is simply incredible and pretty emotional. You can hear the whole thing in the podcast below.



Thankfully, a few months on, the boys’ mum is doing okay and now Phin and Sam have actually been named Junior Triple Zero Heroes by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority for their incredible efforts.

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