Tis a staple in any true blue Aussie’s life.

Whether you first tasted them as a child or your first experience was as a youth when your mates were too poor to buy a ‘real’ cake….

The Woolies mudcake is pure magic.

Iconic, moist, delicious and mass produced in a factory.

If you thought otherwise then mate, you’ve got a thing or two to learn…

TikTok user @FoodFactoryAus uploaded a video of the glorious production line of the humble mudcake, where we can watch how they’re delectably dunked into their chocolate frosting topping.


Aussie Mudcake #FYP #cake #australia

♬ original sound – ttvsh_flux


It’s beautiful but I probably didn’t want to see it to be honest.

Some magic should be kept a secret…

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