Remember sweet nerdy science bro Bachie Matt Agnew?

Well, his relationship with winner Chelsea McLeod lasting only nine weeks before he announced their breakup on his Instagram

He disappeared from social media for a while, which makes sense after a break-up but Chelsea went on the So Dramatic! podcast and revealed that he might not be as nice as he seems…

Apparently, according to McLeod, Matt was actually really mean to her, yelled at her and was an overall dickhead?



Now old mate’s decided to release a book and it’s not the spicy reality television exposé you want, sorry.

He’ll be writing a book on space and science which is actually very wholesome of him.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce I have signed a publishing deal… and will soon release my very first book! I make no secret of how much I’m fascinated by space and science, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to share that curiosity and passion in my upcoming book.”

“I’ve still got a solid slog ahead of me (Rome wasn’t built in a day), but I couldn’t help but share the news!”


Congrats on the deal Matt!




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