Honey Badger has joined a stellar cast on the set of SAS Australia, Channel 7’s new celebrity reality television show.

New Idea  has brought up the possibility that they’re perhaps… more than friends?

And honestly, it makes sense, they have a lot in common!

Nick Cummins is 33, Ali is 34 and both have shared the experience of being The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

They’re also both hugely into fitness and travel…

An insider told the magazine that “Nick is definitely Ali’s type in every way… I could totally see these two together.”

However we have to remember, Ali only broke up with her Bachie winner Taite Radley last month after almost 2 years together in July!


According to the online magazine, Oetjen is ready to move on.

They’ll both be appearing on SAS Australia together from Monday 19th October on Channel 7.

Unrelated but so relatable! Listen to one of our fave moments from Robin, Terry & Bob here:

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