Were you like, WHO?

You may remember Jamie Doran as the stage-5 clinger from Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette.

Or more recently his crazy behaviour on the latest season of Bachie in Paradise.

Over the weekend, Doran joined popular site Cameo where fans can buy video messages from their favourite celebrities at a price…

The amount you charge, obviously reflects your popularity and fame so a local Australian reality “star” probably won’t be too expensive.

So you get a rough idea, Alil Oetjen who was The Bachelorette and is currently on Channel 7’s SAS, already outranks Jamie in terms of star status and is only charging $31.


Juliette Herrera from Locky’s season of The Bachelor is only charging a measly $12 (as she should).

But all the money she makes off Cameo is being donated to Motor Neurone Disease NSW which is incredible of her.

Now get this…

Jamie Doran is charging $155 PER VIDEO!!!


And he hasn’t even been bothered to write anything personal in the description.

This price is $100 CHEAPER than what it was over the weekend, where he was promoting his page on his Instagram for $249.99!

This makes me think he’s actually just joking around, which if he is… that’s actually pretty funny, Jamie!

The ‘an absolute bargain’ in the caption of his Instagram post has me a little bit suspicious over whether he’s serious or not.

According to his Insta stories, Jamie said “Well, not going to lie. I have been live on Cameo for less than 24 hours & have taken two $250 requests.”



I’m gonna stand by my theory that he’s definitely joking… right?!

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