Love Island is Channel Nine’s new reality show that makes contestants couple up all while they shake things up by sending new and exciting intruders into the house.

But it appears that one contestant has taken the shaking up into their own hands by choosing to walk out of the villa and leave the show.

Kyle and Jackie O broke the shocking news this morning during O News that John James, the sexy single that had lots of the girls reeling when he walked into the house, has chosen to take himself out of the competition.

“I do have some breaking news,” started Jackie. “John James from Love Island has just left. He’s walked off set…That’s all I know at this point.”

For a moment there we were in the dark wondering why John would possibly feel the need to quit the show. But luckily, we were able to find out some more information by heading straight to the source and getting him on the phone.

John said that he didn’t really have a connection with anyone in the house after the girl he had been partnered with and the only one he was really keen on, Kim, was eliminated.


“I guess I went on there for one reason and that was sort of to find a connection with someone and yeah it didn’t really work out,” said John James. “Obviously Kim as you know sort of just got evicted and yeah I wasn’t really feeling it with anyone else in the villa.”

He also said that he didn’t think he stood a chance at the next recoupling and so he decided to take himself out of the running rather than face the rejection.

“You would assume that there’s a recoupling coming up and no more girls were to come into the villa. You would’ve thought that my name was probably going to be on the chopping block so yeah I thought rather than delay the inevitable,” said John James.

Since there was no one left in the Villa that John James had a connection with, Kyle and Jackie wondered whether he was leaving to pursue Kim back here in Australia. He was a bit coy with his answer so we reckon it is a possibility!


“Yeah yeah, going straight there,” joke John James when Kyle asked if he was going to catch up with Kim in real life. “Nah, nah I am going back home to Melbourne, but yeah, I guess um, I only left the villa like 6 hours ago, so I’m on the plane home tomorrow.”

We’ll miss seeing John James on the show but as John said himself, we haven’t heard the last from him as he’ll be out and about continuing with his DJ career. Kyle even invited him to come and throw around some tunes on the show!

Maybe he’d be keen to let us find him a partner? Naked dating re-run anyone…?

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