On Sunday afternoon, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that non-essential businesses would be closing their doors to help slow down the spread of coronavirus. It sent shockwaves across the state as many braced for impact.

Since then, we’ve gotten a bit more clarity into what will stay open, which will include pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and even restaurants (as long as they provide takeaway!)

Many people have wondered what will happen with major department stores like Kmart, which sells MANY essentials for every day life. Yes, we all enjoy a new pot plant and candle, but the store does sell things like dog bags, essential electronics, baby wipes and clothing.

Good news, Kmart fans! We checked in with a representative and they told us that the stores WILL remain open!

However, keep in mind that measures can change in an instant so be understanding if your local store is open one day and closed the next.

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