Seems like Harry Styles could use a lesson in Twitter 101.

The former One Direction member unwittingly became the butt of the joke when he tried to celebrate the anniversary of one of the tracks from his self-titled debut album. It all started when Styles took to Twitter last night to express his gratitude to fans on the two-year anniversary of his smash hit single, “Sign of the Times,” which released on April 7, 2017.

“Sign of the Times is two today. Thank you for all the love since then, and for everything you’d done before. Love you all very much. H,” the 25-year-old vocalist tweeted.

However, hours later, fans noticed Styles had returned to his platform, strangely enough, to share the same message a half hour later — only swapping “is two” for “turned two” in his follow-up tweet.

Stylers quickly noticed the seemingly accidental double-tweet — and that’s when the trolling began. “You already tweeted this harold,” one user replied at the time, as another added: “god ur so clever cuz. u tweeted twice. or this was an accident. either way ur a genius love u.”

We love you too, Harry, but you’re about a week too late for April Fools’! Still, he must have really gotten a kick out of playing tricks on us yesterday — because he wrote the same exact thing on Monday. For the third time.

Oh, Harry…


See a few of the funniest reactions to Harry’s slip below.


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