The Masked Singer Australia has released the first official trailer for the highly anticipated talent show and we’re literally already addicted!

While we’ve previously seen some pictures of the various celebrity disguises and some quick little clips, this trailer actually gives us our first look at the celebrities actually performing and our panel of judges trying to guess who they are.

In case you’re unaware, The Masked Singer is a new show coming to Channel 10 that will see 12 celebrities hide behind elaborate disguises and take to the stage to sing.

Our panel of judges, which includes our very own Jackie O, Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue and Dave Hughes, then have the job of attempting to guess who is behind each mask.

And just to make things that little bit more diffcult, the celebs aren’t necessarily known for their singing voices! They could be from any field like a sportsman, a chef, a reality star, and just have a hidden talent!


And after watching snippets of performances in the trailer, we’re literally already going CRAZY trying to guess who they could be!

We can’t WAIT for this show to start! No word yet on when it will premiere but we’re guessing it will be very soon.

Check out the trailer for yourself in the video above!

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