We see it all over our Instagram feeds. So often Insta models and PTs or celebs showing off their perfect hourglass figure / six pack / bikini body. 

And while the hashtag’s purpose is to encourage and inspire people into achieving their own fitness goals and aiming for fit and healthy instead of being simple slender, new studies show that the term could in fact be damaging. 

As the quote goes – comparison is the thief of joy. 

Bianca opened up to Mike and Bob about how instead of feeling motivated by these #fitspo pics, she instead often gets down about the fact that she does not have the physique of a super fit 21 year old. 

Mike also expressed how the concept of #fitspo greatly impacted the self esteem of a previous partner of his. 

It’s certainly an issue that hits home with Brisbane women…  


One caller even turned the question onto Bianca herself, asking whether she often compared herself to the #fitspo thread.

Her response was candid and honest… 

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