Footage of a little girl patting a fricken massive 12-foot snake in a narrow alleyway has gone viral – and the internet is losing its mind.

Filmed in the UK, the girl’s Dad often posts videos of her with his two pet pythons Sonny and Cher. In this case, it’s reticulated yellow python Cher.

The 5-year-old girl is so calm around the nope rope while clutching a packet of chips, she even gives it a kiss.

Naturally, the video has completely unsettled the internet.

Comments have ranged from “fascinating”, “what a beautiful video” and “a sight to behold” to “Wtf that’s a no from me” and “I honestly shit myself watching this”.

Others have criticised the girl’s father.

“When you come home and the python has killed your child, remember it is a python and that is what pythons do”


“Okay, so can somebody explain to me how this is safe?”

While these snakes are nonvenomous, people have been killed by them.

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