Sitcoms are known for the canned laughter that is added in during the funny parts of each scene.

You wouldn’t think it has much of a function, as it’s basically just a thing that tells us that what is happening onscreen is funny and we should be laughing.

And so you can just imagine how weird the same scenes would sound without the laughter in there!

Well now we don’t have to imagine, as someone has actually gone and removed the laughter from a famous scene in hit TV show FRIENDS.

And basically it shows just how important the laughter is because it changes the whole dynamic of the scene!

The scene in particular is the one where Ross is trying to teach Phoebe and Rachel about Unagi and how important it is when it comes to self defence.

In order to teach them properly he plans to pretend to be an attacker and scare them and so he goes to a women’s self defence class to ask the instructor how best to surprise his friends.


Now usually when there’s pauses in this scene you would hear tons of over the top laughter. But with the laughter taken out, it actually makes Ross sound like the biggest creep in the whole world!

In fact, it kind of made Ross sound like a legit predator!

Of course if you know the episode, you’d know that the whole funny part is the fact that Ross doesn’t understand how his words are coming across to the instructor. But without the added in laugher, you forget all of that and just hear his creepy AF words.

Looks like the laughter really is an important part that can completely change the context of a scene.

A caller alerted Jackie, i.e the biggest FRIENDS fan in the world, to the laugh-less audio during Kyle and Jackie O’s first calls and she couldn’t believe how different it made the scene sound!

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