Lucas Patchett and his business partner Nic are sparking conversations around homelessness and paving the way for others to make a difference.

Orange Sky Laundry started in 2014 out of a custom orange van they did up themselves.

Their mission was, and still is, to create a safe, positive and supportive environment for Australians experiencing homelessness.

The team now operates shifts from 27 vehicles in 23 cities across the country every week– providing over 1,353,440kg of washing, 13,497 warm showers and 233,235 hours of conversations.

The boys now have a 2020 Order of Australia Medal for their efforts and most recently Former US President – Barack Obama’s tick of approval.

Robin, Terry & Bob sat down with Lucas and discussed this incredible endeavour. Listen to the full interview below:



Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!