Grant might not always be in the know when it comes to various facts about the world but it seems he’s all caught up on the Love Island goss.

Love Island’s Grant Crapp has been joining us in studio all week for a game we like to call ‘Crapp Or Not?’ where we test his general knowledge on random facts. We’ve asked him about things like the dinosaurs, various animals and even how Kyle and Jackie O met, but today Kyle decided to test Mr Crapp on something a bit closer to home.

And according to Grant, him and Tayla might not actually be the only couple from the Grand Final of Love Island Australia that haven’t made it the distance…

“I heard this last night, tell me Crapp or not Crapp, Eden and Erin have broken up?” asked Kyle.

Eden and Erin were the only couple to meet on the first day of the reality television show and not recouple throughout the show. They fell fast and hard for each other, making their relationship official and even saying the ‘L’ word while the show was on air but now it seems like there’s a possibility that our favourite pumpkin pies are no longer!

Grant seemed to think long and hard about what he said next so as not to cause any more problems for himself than he already has (you know with the whole secret girlfriend thing and lying to Tayla about it). Eventually he replied saying he’d heard this rumour too.


“That’s some goss isn’t it,” said Grant nervously. “I’ve heard a few whispers but I can’t confirm.”

Grant went on to say though that Erin was supposed to be at an appearance that Grant was attending yesterday in Melbourne, which is Erin’s hometown, but she never showed up. Whether this means anything or not is up to our own interpretation though.

“I was supposed to see Erin last night but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen,” continued Grant. “She was supposed to be there with me and Teddy but no show.

“I can’t confirm it but there’s rumours. John’s heard the same thing as well, John James. We all heard it and I was like ‘hmmm’.”

After a sneaky stalk on Instagram we’ve found that both Erin and Eden have been posting pictures together as recently as a few days ago looking all loved up. So if they have split then they’re definitely trying to keep it quiet!


Grant promised to find out some more information on this rumour for us and fill us in tomorrow when he’s back in for another round of Crapp Or Not and we can tell ya we’re waiting on the edge of our seats to find out what’s going on here!

We seriously hope it’s not true though because that would mean that two of the couples who actually fell in love on the show didn’t stay together! Don’t ask us why we’re so invested in this show…we just are okay!

Erin and Eden’s relationship got them all the way to the grand final of Love Island Australia’s first season and they came runner up to Tayla and Grant. Since Tayla and Grant’s split, fans have been saying that the winning money should be given to Eden and Erin seeing as they actually stayed together.