Dr KIIS is a regular segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show that helps people out with their weird and whacky bodily functions that some might be too embarrassed to go and see a doctor about.

And so it goes without saying that during this segment, we often hear some pretty crazy stories from our listeners. But none more weird and just downright DISGUSTING than the one that we had today.

Adam called up to ask Dr KIIS to settle a bit of a, let’s just call it a conflict of health opinions, that he has going at the moment with his friend.

“I was hoping you’d be able to settle a bet for me,” began Adam. “It’s a bit of a weird one.”

But weird was just a tad of an understatement in this case. You remember how we had the chick tell us not too long ago that she would drink her dog’s pee for health purposes? Well in a way, this one is worse.

Adam told us that his friend absolutely SWEARS by the nutritional value that he reckons can be found inside blackheads. And so, when he squeezes one of the nasty buggers on his face or body, he then EATS the pus that comes out of them!!



Yep, let us just take a sec to swallow that little bit of vom that came up before we continue… Okay so this is what Adam told us.

“I’ve got a mate who swears black and blue that there’s high nutritional value to um, you know when you squeeze your blackheads? To consuming the pus that comes out once you squeeze your blackheads.”

Yep it’s just as bad the second time around when you hear it… “I couldn’t believe it but I thought Dr KIIS might have some insights,” continued Adam.

And that he did. In fact just the look on Dr KIIS’ face as Adam explained the story was enough to say that this is complete BS. But here’s the doctors response:

“So basically a blackhead is an oil gland, where the lining of the oil gland is all broken off so it’s basically dead cells and they’re black,” explained Dr KIIS. “They get caught in the pore next to the skin and just build up and build up so you get this core of dead cells.”


“So there’s nothing nutritional about it?” asked Kyle.

“Zero. Zip. Nothing,” said the doctor confidently.

So just in case you were suddenly planning to, please don’t go and eat your blackheads. That’s just nasty, not nutritional.

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