Gwyneth Paltrow is not one to shy away from a good controversy. Her latest appearance on ‘The Art of Being Well Podcast’ has stirred up quite a storm.

After breaking down what her day looks like in the podcast, she reveals. she intermittent fast as “it’s really important for [her] to support [her] detox.”

Paltrow stated on the podcast that she’s used ‘Ozone therapy’, rectally. Social media was quick to rip in.


What is ozone therapy? According to the Cleveland Clinic, it entails the administration of ozone (a three-oxygen-atom molecule) to the body as a gas — because “it’s highly unstable and explosive in liquid or solid form” — to boost oxygen levels. You can take your ozone by exposing your skin via sauna or solution; dissolving it in water or oil and ingesting it; injecting it straight into your muscles; “mixing it with your blood,” per the Cleveland Clinic; or, yes, blowing it up your ass, which maybe doesn’t sound all that bad when set alongside the other options.

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