If there’s one show that we’re looking forward to it’s 100% Hamish and Andy’s new travel show – Hamish and Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday.

Following on from their other successful travel shows, like the infamous gap year series and caravan special, the boys announced that they would be heading overseas again to film a show with a twist.

And having finished filming now, Andy Lee joined Kyle and Jackie O to tell us all about it! So here’s everything you need to know:

“So Hamish and I just did another travel show,” Andy told Kyle and Jackie O.

“It’ll still be us making each other eat weird things, pushing each other into swamps and stuff, but the format is like, we know the route we’re travelling but every alternating day I’ll plan a day for Andy and then the next day he plans the day,” Hamish told us.


“We plan the itinerary for the team. So I know what half the trip is…and then he knows the other half of the trip. So every alternating day it’s someone’s turn to figure out the schedule.”

So immediately we knew that things we’re going to get pretty crazy. How crazy you ask? Crazy enough that there are reports they almost died!

“Didn’t someone nearly die?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, well there was a couple of hairy moments,” Andy told us. “I can’t believe Hamish got clearance from his wife and family. I couldn’t believe it. So we wanted to make it count.”

Andy also told us about some of the places that they visited while travelling around America, telling us that they got up to a little bit of mischief in Las Vegas.

“We went through Alaska, Vegas we had to visit,” Andy continued. “We did get some great access to be able to film on the casino floors and Hamish had an idea to break Vegas.


“A lot of people count cards and stuff, they’re against that, but he had what he thought would be a full proof plan to break Vegas and boy it was interesting and they let us film it.

“I’m not going to say whether it worked or not,” Andy continued. “But yeah, it had merit.”

“It’s an idea that’s not been tried before to your knowledge?” Jackie asked.

“No, not to my knowledge. So it was an exciting day for us,” he replied.

We can’t wait to watch it! As for when you can watch it, Andy informed us that he thinks it will air in the next month.

“That one will be out in a month or so,” Andy told us.


Hamish and Andy’s Perfect Holiday will air on Channel 9! And we can’t wait to watch the boys in action once again!

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