Ella Ding has spoken out after Mitch Eynaud made some interesting claims while returning to the new season of MAFS to support his brother.

The ex-groom, who was partnered with Ella in season 9 of the social experiment, joined his younger brother Jayden as he tied the knot with bride Eden.

Despite leaving bride Ella heartbroken when he broke things off in the final vow ceremony, he claimed that he regrets not trusting the experiment.

‘I didn’t trust the experiment and obviously looking back on it now, I wish I did trust it a bit more,’ he told producers.

The beautician, who now hosts the ‘Sit With Us’ podcast with fellow ex-contestant Domenica Calarco, told Daily Mail Australia that she ‘doesn’t buy it’.

‘Unfortunately, I don’t necessarily buy it. I think he’d regret parts of the experiment but I think because he broke a lot of trust it’s hard to believe that,’ she said.


‘It just seemed a little too perfectly said to me maybe I’m holding onto resentment who knows.’

Ella’s mum Belinda joined the chat, sharing an Instagram story accusing the ex-groom of returning to the show for ‘redemption’.

‘He’s here for redemption Australia!!!!! Watch this space,’ she wrote.

‘Snazzy mate. Nostalgic!!! That’s what I wore, I wore that colour,’ she shared, quoting Mitch as he pointed out that he wore the same colour when he married Ella.

Let’s just say we’ll be intrigued to see how often Mitch makes an appearance in this new season…

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