Yes, it had already been confirmed that Harry had taken the shears to his luscious locks when a grainy photo did the rounds a week ago.

But we have just got the best photo yet of his buzzed dome and we’re going to be honest…it’s going to take some time.

Harry used his Pleasing brand’s Insta to share this apparently very recent shot of him:

Annndddd the reception was mixed in the comments, with some blindly supporting his decision here. One commenter writing “I can see the vision here”.

While others seem to be going through a bit of an existential crisis over the photo with one commenter writing “I’ve been staring at this for far too long”.


And honestly, same.

Meanwhile, the move seems to have spurred on the conspiracy theory that Harry’s actually bald under those curly locks. Which to us, seems like the only explanation behind both this decision and the sorcery that is that man’s hair.

More to come…probably.