“Watch before you wee”, “Peek before you pee”, “Look before you leak”.

These are wise words we’d like you to remember this summer. 

There have been three public reportings of snakes in Brisbane toilets in the last week. 

Helen, especially, from Chapel Hill had an interesting late night toilet experience recently.

Thankfully the toilet snake in question was only a carpet python and nothing more sinister. 

“I looked in the loo and saw this cute little face with beady eyes looking at me and I wondered if he’d like his little shower underneath a full moon and as it turns out he did not appreciate it,” Helen playfully joked of the experience. 

“I was sitting pretty and I felt a sharp tap on my bottom and it stung. My first reaction was ‘Oh a green frog!’… but then I realised frogs don’t bite. 


“In a split second I jumped up and pulled away and saw a wriggly long necked thing… receding into the toilet.”

“Was your first thought, ‘I don’t remember eating that!?” Mike retorted. 

“My first thought was you’re terrified, but imagine the snake he’s having a nice cool bath, ‘he’s thinking, ‘oh it’s nice and cool in here it’s hot out there’ and then there’s this lunar eclipse, all the air gets sucked out… next minute…” Bianca joked. 

Helen slowly put the toilet lid down and put two big pot plants on top so the snake couldn’t make an opportunistic escape and called a snake catcher. 


Jasmine the snake catcher was there shortly after, coming to the rescue. 

She explained how the snakes get into the toilet to begin with and what to do if it happens to you. 

Listen to Snake catcher Jasmine’s professional advice if you come into contact with a snake – especially if it is in the toilet or any other similar water drainage system. 

We can also report that Helen’s awkwardly placed snake bite has now healed and she is good as new. 

Thank goodness for that…

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