Psalm West is less than a month old, but his superstar mother want to secure his rights to join the family business.

As per TMZ, Kim Kardashian has filmed trademark protection under her empire, so that Psalm’s name can be used for hair accessories, including barrettes, bands, bows, clips, ties, ornaments, pins, scrunchies, chopsticks, twisters and wraps, as well as hair extensions and ornamental novelty pins. The Kardashians are Kardashians for a reason, so it’s no surprise that the report went on to detail all the other items that they want to trademark under Psalm and it’s lengthy. Among the other items include entertainment services, personal appearances, skin care, probiotic supplements, toy figures and doll accessories, computer software, clothing, baby bottles, furniture, strollers, beverage ware, swaddling blankets, skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, bubble bath, fragrances, body powders, shower gels, body oils, skin serums, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail care preparations and so much more.

Earlier this week, Kris Jenner revealed that religion is to credit for Kim and Kanye West’s choice of name. “The inspiration was the Book of Psalms in the Bible,” Jenner told ET Online of the pair’s inspiration for naming their fourth child. The word “Psalm” means “song” in Hebrew.

An insider close to PEOPLE recently revealed that the name is also a reflection on the rapper’s renewed dedicated to his Christian faith. “Kanye has been going through a spiritual revival lately. Every name has a meaning that is personal between Kanye and Kim and the child,” the source explained. “Psalm is a good reflection of where Kanye and Kim are spiritually. Kanye is very involved in choosing the names. He and Kim do exactly what every couple does, where they each bring up names and the other one gives their feedback. It’s very traditional that way. Kanye would never just choose a name that Kim doesn’t like, or vice versa. The names are things that they mutually agree upon.”

Article: Hayden Brooks

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