Aussie actor/personality Paul Hogan, who is now based in Los Angeles, has taken to Sunrise to reveal that he is “desperately homesick” and eager to escape California’s COVID-19 crisis.

“I am desperately homesick,” he told Nat and Kochie on Zoom.

He added, “You’re living in a country right now, alongside New Zealand, that’s the light of the world”.

The 81-year-old lives in the beachside suburb of Venice and is reportedly holed up inside his ‘fortress-like’ mansion with his 23-year-old son as a result of the staggering rise in crime and homelessness in the area since the pandemic began.

“I’m living in an LA county which has 10 million people, and about half of ’em got COVID. So am I homesick? You bet your life,” he said.

“The crime’s up. I don’t go anywhere.”

He explained that he plans to return to Australia when the two-week hotel quarantine is no longer required, saying: “The minute I can come home without being locked in a hotel for two weeks, I’m back!”


The reason why he couldn’t survive two weeks in hotel quarantine is because of his adult son, Chance.

“My son would have to be with me, [and] we’d strangle each other!”

However, some viewers weren’t as sympathetic as Hogan probably would’ve liked.

“Paul Hogan just sounds like a cranky old man now wanting to return to Australia but won’t because of quarantine,” tweeted one person.


“Paul Hogan is whinging about being quarantined in a mansion in America? Paul Hogan – dude, you’re in a mansion in America (where vaccination abounds),” another added.

“Up until the last year or so, Australian ‘celebrities’ couldn’t wait to move away from this daggy and backward country. Now they are all flooding back. I wish they would all stay where they are with their international accents, we don’t want you back!” wrote another.

While some empathised with the star, writing: “Lay off of him. He said he’d come back when he didn’t have to quarantine; he did NOT say he wanted special treatment to avoid that.”

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