One of the most surprising things about Netflix’s I Am Mother is that, for a movie so slick and ‘Hollywood’, it’s actually Aussie.

It was filmed in Adelaide with an all-Australian crew, including its director, Grant Sputore and writer Michael Lloyd Green.

The sci-fi thriller begins on the first day of total human extinction and takes place in a kind of sterile underground bunker.

A droid called ‘Mother’ (voiced by Rose Byrne) gets down to business – to repopulate earth (with an unsettling room full of embryos WTF).

We soon see a girl born and, over time, we see her grow up into a teenager (Clara Rugaard) and the pair develop a seemingly unbreakable bond.

She’s told she is the only human on earth and she is being raised to save humanity. No pressure.

Nek minnit, another human (Hilary Swank) rocks up and, of course, everything gets dark and twisty.


The second surprising thing? The droid who plays ‘Mother’ wasn’t CGI, it actually moved like that. The clip below explains it…

I Am Mother is currently streaming on Netflix.

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