When you think of Roxy Jacenko, no doubt you also think of the her Public Relations business Sweaty Betty – after all she is known as the PR Queen!

It’s something she’s done for years and she has built an incredible career out of it, even going on to teach her expertise in her own bootcamps.

And so of course you can imagine just how shocked we were to hear these words come out of Roxy’s mouth.

“I hated my job,” Roxy told Kyle and Jackie O.

She went on to reveal that she now considers herself “semi-retired” from the PR world at the age of nearly 40, despite her business still operating in the background.


Roxy told us that it wasn’t until COVID-19 hit and things began to slow down that she realised that she actually didn’t enjoy what she was doing.

“It’s been actually a realisation for me. I hated my job. I didn’t like what I was doing,” Roxy said.

“Are you kidding?” Kyle replied in shock. “So you didn’t realise because you were just so busy all the time? You didn’t realise, ‘Hey I’m not enjoying it’?”

“I’m now semi-retired,” she continued.

Roxy explained that she was living such a hectic lifestyle and barely had anytime to just stop and take a breath. That is until the coronavirus pandemic hit and she was forced to do so.

Like a lot of people, Roxy also lost business during this time and it was at this moment that she realised what was really important to her in life.


“You don’t stop. You’re like a mouse on that spinning wheel and it wasn’t until we were in forced isolation, because I did 14-days of isolation when I came back from New Zealand, and my business was tumbling down,” Roxy continued.

“We lost 85 per cent of our clients in three days. And I was like, ‘hang on a second, actually, I really dislike what I’m doing’.”

“But you’re so good at it,” Kyle replied.

“Yes but I mean, I’ve had a job since I was 14. So now I’m like, it’s time to smell the roses,” she added. “So my focus now is my brand bootcamps and then my hair accessory line and Pixie’s Bows.

“It was a time where I actually step back and go, hang on I need to reassess this. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to school concerts and all of that and now I can.”


Roxy told us that by no means is she closing down her business Sweaty Betty, but she’s just not have as much f an active role in it anymore.

“Look, it still ticks over as a business but I’m not in there. So I go in for about two of three hours a day,” Roxy said. “It was sick, it was like an addiction. I always thought I’d retire by 40, and that’s what I’m doing.”

We reckon Roxy isn’t alone and a lot of people have likely had similar realisations during this time as we’ve all slowed down and remembered what’s really important in life.

Hear more from our chat with Roxy in the podcast below!

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