Sydney Sweeney has sent Jimmy Fallon into fits of laughter after explaining the Aussie tradition of schoolies season during her appearance on The Tonight Show.

After spending time down under this year to film two new movies, including the new release ‘Anyone But You’, Fallon asked whether she had learnt any Aussie slang during her time here.

“While I’ve been there, they had this thing called the schoolies, and it’s when the high schoolers graduate, and they go and have their big huge spring break party,” she said.

“They shut down all the streets and the schoolies go out, and then the ‘toolies’ go out too, and those are anybody that is older than 21. And they put wristbands on them to know that there are tools trying to pick up younger kids.”

Fallon responded in fits of laughter, saying “The toolies and the schoolies?! That’s so fun, I love that!”


“Australia, I love it, I can’t wait to visit, it seems very dangerous to me,” Fallon said.

After discussing Aussie wildlife that Sweeney said locals ‘warned’ her about, the star revealed that she got bitten by a spider on the set of ‘Anyone But You’.

She and co-star Glen Powell were filming a scene with a ‘trained spider’ when the spider bit her mid-scene but the crew assumed she was acting.

“I’m supposed to be screaming but then my screaming got a little serious” she explained.


I guess the spider wasn’t trained after all…

Watch the interview below to the actress talk about her time down under.