Joe Hildebrand has announced his departure from Studio 10 and the network as a whole after almost seven years.

The presenter said management had offered him other roles but he had chosen to move on as the show restructures.

“We talked about it really openly and warmly about what that might look like, and they were really lovely about it so don’t lash out at them,” he explained this morning.

“But I just thought it’s probably just better to draw a line under this amazing little story I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and and give the new show whatever it may look like, the chance to breathe and have a fresh start without me.

“I love all you guys so much. I love you the audience as you know. I’m so sorry that you’re not here in the studio for me to be able to hug you and say goodbye in person, but you know how I feel about you. I speak to all the time. I love you.

“At home, I love the fact that we’re a show that sticks up for the little guy. I love the fact people often stare down their nose at daytime television, because it’s only watched by, pensioners at home or whatever, or housewives, they’re the people I love.

“They’re the battlers.”


Watch the emotional clip above.


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