Well that interview was interesting…

It seems Ajay Rochester and Bianca Dye have reignited a decades long feud during a phone interview this week. 

Things got awkward when it became clear that the pair had a falling out in the early noughties…

But Ajay has anything but forgotten about it – saying she even bought it up in the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle. 

“You’re lucky they didn’t air that story Bianca, cos I told it. I told it more than once,” Ajay said. 

Bianca claimed the fallout was when Ajay accused her of going to the media about a party… 


“I swear to god I never told them! On my mother’s life. Listen: You thought I told the guys from the paper about a party or something you had, and I swear to god I didn’t. I will take a lie-detector test,” Bianca desperately claimed during the interview. 

But in a plot twist the former Biggest Loser host confirmed on air that that is not the reason for the fight…

“I bet you don’t remember; I bet you don’t. Here’s the thing – Bianca’s a hustle girl,” Ajay claimed. 

“She’ll hustle to get her jobs and get her contacts, and I know what she did and why she did it.

“I get it. But to me, friendship and loyalty is everything.

“You know what, I’m here, [and] I had the option to not do the interview. You’ve brought it up.


“Bianca, life’s too short and we’re probably not the same people we were 10 years ago.

“I respect you, I think you’re one of the best women in radio.

“I think you deserve your job, and whatever hustle it took to do what you did, it’s all good.”


Let’s hope we can get our hands on that IACGMOOH audio to find out the REAL reason for Ajay and Bianca’s fall out…