The Oscars are going down in LA today and while we’d give anything to just be a fly on the wall at one of the most prestigious award ceremonies, we really would prefer to be an actual guest so we could get out hands on one of these incredible gift bags.

Each year the celebs who attend the Academy Awards go home with some serious swag as these are no ordinary gift bags. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff!

There are two types of gift bags – the first is the typical gift bag for each attendee which is reportedly worth a grand total of $US30,000, including items like makeup, designer clothing, spa packages, sunglasses and even a couple of snacks.

Sounds INCREDIBLE compared to the lolly gift bags you used to get at your friend’s birthday parties right?

But the real gift bag that you want from the Oscars is those saved for the nominees of the awards called the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags.

They’re made by Distinctive Assets and this year the bags are worth approximately $US215,000 which is over $AU300,000, and includes things like plastic surgery treatments, a cruise on a luxury yacht and other luxurious items.

The nominees receive their indulgent gift bags in the week leading up to the actual awards show, which is set to take place in a matter of hours.


Here’s some of the best things included in the gift bag:

– 12-day Scenic Eclipse cruise for two, including a spa sanctuary, butler service, eight restaurants, chef-prepared picnic and excursions valued at $78,190

– Millianna Giuliana crystal earrings worth $195

– Hotsy Totsy’s The Royal Chakra Bath Bomb worth $105 and handcrafted with 24 karat gold

– A getaway to a Spanish island

– $25,000 to spend on treatments and procedures at Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich’s New York City office, such as botox, chemical peels, injectables etc.


– Johanna Howard Home’s throw blankets made in Peru, valued at $450

– 10 personal training sessions with premier LA trainer Alexis Selezky

– A one-of-a-kind custom stained glass portrait of themselves

And this is just skimming on the top of the barrel when it comes to the items included in these exclusive gift bags!

That’s sure one way to make sure that people aren’t upset if they don’t win the Oscar – gift them with as much expensive swag as you can possibly think of!

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