Just like all friendship groups, it seems that the Masked Singer panelists and host have a group chat.

Yep Jackie O, Dannii Minogue, Lindsay Lohan, Dave Hughes and Osher Gunsberg all have a secret group chat!

But instead of discussing the next season of the show or what celebrities they think might try to trick them next time around, at the moment of course the chat is mostly filled with stuff about the coronavirus.

Jackie told us about the group chat this morning when she started to tell us about this hilarious video that none other than Lindsay Lohan had shared with the group.

It was this video from over in the US where they were having this big coronavirus meeting and the governor got up to go to the bathroom but forgot that he was wearing his microphone still and so everyone in the meeting heard him doing his business.


Which is just so relatable right now given everyone’s current ‘Working From Home’ situations and Skype meetings…

Anyway, Jackie told us that Lindsay sent the video to their Masked Singer group chat.

“Lindsay Lohan sent it to me of all people,” Jackie said.

Kyle asked whether Jackie and the other Masked Singer crew were chatting about whether their show would be pushed back or postponed given the current climate.

But Jackie told us that they’re actually just discussing various factors of the coronavirus in general.

“We aren’t actually talking about whether it’s been pushed back or not, I guess we’re just , I don’t know, these videos just get sent through all the time,” Jackie revealed.


In fact, each of them basically represents each type of person in a friendship group while discussing the virus at the moment.

Osher is the friend taking charge and making sure all of his other friends know exactly what’s going on with the coronavirus.

“So what happens is, Osher will send through all the statistics. He very much likes us to read all of the graphs and all of that and he takes it real seriously,” Jackie said.

Lindsay Lohan is the not-so-serious friend sending through all the memes.

“Lindsay likes to send just funny videos about the coronavirus,” she continued.

Dannii and Jackie are the mums of the group asking constant questions about home schooling.


“Dannii and I talk about home schooling,” Jackie laughed.

And Hughesy is the friend who just doesn’t give a sh*t and will leave everyone on read.

“And Dave Hughes rarely makes an appearance,” she concluded.

Kyle certainly wasn’t jealous that he isn’t part of this exclusive group chat. In fact, he couldn’t think of anything worse than being part of this!

“I would rather be dead from this thing now than be on that group chat. What a bunch of losers,” Kyle joked.

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