Between filming his documentary in his underwear and watching the Carlton Blues in bed, Robbie Williams has a pretty stacked schedule and public perception.

He always seems to have something up his sleeve however to pull us back into his life. The newest claim…Robbie Williams, A Messenger For Aliens.

In a recent interview the British pop star, 50, was discussing his ongoing occurrences with the supernatural.

I sometimes think – and I try to separate narcissism and ego, unsuccessfully a lot of the time – but there are lots of different theories that we all have to do with this stuff. But I often wonder if I’m supposed to see it because of my public platform, Am I supposed to see this so I can talk about it?” Robbie said according to the Daily Star.

Williams believes that he feels “closer to the woo woo in Los Angeles” compared to when he lived in England.

In the past, Williams has been open about his experience with all things supernatural. On the Shaun Attwood Podcast, he tells a story about an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel some 20 years ago, before he met his wife, where he was looking up at the stars.


“Then all of a sudden silently over our heads what I can only describe as a square object. I would say probably the size of one and a half penalty boxes ” he said. “It was matte black with Artexing underneath and then Hacienda-style yellow and black stripes as if it was this workman’s thing. It came in silently. I could have hit it with a tennis ball, and then it floated off. I was totally and utterly sober.”

During a performance of his song, ‘Arizona’, which is literally about aliens, he claims he and the people he was with saw a “big ball of gold light” that he initially thought was Venus or Mars. He says this has happened four times to him, all while playing ‘Arizona’.

Sometimes fame and success alienate celebrities themselves, maybe aliens find Williams relatable through that. Either way, as long as we can see a classic moment of Robbie Williams communicating with aliens through music I think we’ll be happy.



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