You may know Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain from his Netflix stand-up special ‘Nazeem Hussain: Public Frenemy’, his time on TV or hosting radio shows but it’s his latest bit of work causing some controversy. Nazeem is known for his confrontational comedic style tackling difficult subjects like racism, the war on terror, politics and life as a brown man in Australia.

In a recent TikTok video Nazeem pokes fun at Australian politics highlighting the fact that although Australia is a very diverse country 96% of our elected officials are Caucasian. You can’t argue with data, he’s only pointing out facts, but it’s his final move in the video that has some people feeling uneasy.

As part of his mock run-for-office he decides the only way for a brown person to win votes is… to be white. With the help of a makeup artist he transforms himself into a “white man” with a lot of people seemingly unhappy about his use of ‘white face’. Check out the video..


@nazeemhussain So many talcum powder faces #fyp #comedy #nazeemhussain #australia #prank #auspol ♬ original sound – Nazeem Hussain



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