According to Vulture, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spent the last week together on a getaway to Montana.

They attended the Vax Live taping and sources confirmed they were there just the two of them.

The pair dated all the way back in 2002 for two years, which involved dating, getting engaged, breaking up, getting back together and then ending the relationship by 2004.

While that sounds like a jam-packed and probably chaotic relationship, the pair are older and wiser now and maybe round 2 will work out!

Ben Affleck’s engagement to girlfriend Ana De Armas ended earlier this year at the same time as JLo’s ended with A-Rod!


The timing is honestly impeccable, it seems like the universe has spoken and it’s time for these two to be together.

While there has been no official statement from the two, maybe the pair of old friends are just taking comfort in each other, which… fair enough!

But I’ll keep sitting here twiddling my thumbs and hoping that they fall in love again.



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