When you mix champagne and brussel sprouts it just leaves things at Studio 10 more than a bit sour.

The Ten Network’s talk show created a whole different kind of talk when their Christmas shoot became known for ‘Brussel Sprouts-gate’.

Denise Drysdale threw brussels sprouts at her co-star Ita Buttrose, and while Drysdale later apologised and blamed the champers, things have been sour between the two ever since.

“I don’t really want to talk about ‘Brussels Sprouts-gate’ but I will just for once – it was not just one sprout, it was a bowlful,” Buttrose told Zoe Marshall and JC on CelebHQ.

“I didn’t throw any sprouts, I was working. This was our Christmas shoot and I was working.

“Now that’s all I want to say about it because it’s a long time ago and I’m tired of it coming up.

“Actually, if it weren’t for me she wouldn’t have a job at all.”


Buttrose this week quit Studio 10.

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