After what feels like the world’s slowest divorce proceedings Kimye is officially over. The divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been settled after months of child custody and property-related issues.

According to TMZ the settlement entails joint custody with “equal access” to their 4 children, although Kanye has already acknowledged Kim has them 80% of the time and that’s unlikely to change. The big kicker for me in this story is Kim will receive $200,000 USD EVERY SINGLE MONTH IN CHILD SUPPORT. That’s more than most people earn in a whole-ass year and she’ll get it every. single. month. Jesus Christ. Not only that, he’s responsibly for 50% of their kid’s educational expenses and their security expenses ON TOP of the $200,000 a month.

Interestingly, TMZ are reporting that the co-parents have agreed to mediation should they reach a disagreement regarding the kids. With a clause stating if one of them fails to participate in the mediation session, the other party makes the decision regarding the dispute.

Now… who will she marry next?

Story via TMZ