While Jackie O already juggles a TV role with her radio career, being a panelist on popular show The Masked Singer, rumours are circling this morning that she’s signed on for another reality TV show.

The rumours suggest that Jackie is set to star in an all new ‘Real Housewives’ style reality series that will follow her and other mums as they live their lives in the Eastern Suburbs.

New Idea suggests that it was actually Kyle and Jackie O producers that encouraged her to do the show, after Jackie revealed that she was in a WhatsApp group with other mum’s from her daughter’s school.

The magazine also claimed that people like Jessica Rowe, whose children go to the same school as Kitty, and Jackie’s close friend Roxy Jacenko are being considered for the show which would likely air on Channel 10.

But if this is the case, it’s the first that Jackie has heard of it!


A listener asked Jackie about the rumours during first calls on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to find out if they were true, but Jackie said she hadn’t heard anything about it.

“I just wanted to know if it’s true,” the caller asked about the TV Show rumours.

“Oh my god, what’s that?” Jackie asked in shock. “What? I haven’t seen that.”, adding that she hasn’t even hear about the rumours, let alone been approached for the show.

Intern Pete stepped in explaining that the reports suggest Jackie will partake in a “Bondi Mum’s” style show and that reports suggest it all originated from Jackie’s mums group chat.


“This is the first I’ve heard of it,” Jackie said. “How weird. That’s such a weird story.”

Jackie also dispelled rumours that Kyle and Jackie O producers suggested she do such a show after reading her mums group chat messages saying, “No one’s ever asked which mum’s in my mums group by the way. None of you have taken an interest”.

She added that Jessica and Roxy aren’t even in the group chat because it’s used for mum’s with kids in the same class to help each other with school information.

So it looks like that new reality show is nothing more than a rumour! Although TBH we’re kinda disappointed because that’s a show that we would DEFINITELY watch!


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