Earlier this year, before our lives revolved around this global pandemic, fans of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment were left shocked by a major secret revealed by a fan.

Footage went viral that showed Corden filming an episode in his Range Rover with Justin Bieber, revealing that James wasn’t actually driving and the car was instead being pulled on a trailer behind a truck.

At the time, fans assumed that James doesn’t always drive because it would be unsafe to do so while he’s singing and dancing along with his famous guests.

James even addressed the footage on his talk show, The Late Late Show, saying he does drive most of the time, but only steps away from the wheel when something could be dangerous.

But now, Corden has come out and revealed exactly why the situation was deemed dangerous while filming the episode with Justin Bieber, explaining that he actually went through a pretty serious emergency.


He joined The Ellen Show recently when he revealed that it was all thanks to a serious eye injury, which he actually just had to have emergency eye surgery for!

Corden explained that in 2012, he injured his eye during a scene on the Broadway show One Man, Two Gunners. He was surprised to find that almost a decade later, the pain from the injury returned.

“And then, for some reason, about a year ago, it flared up again, this little sort of scratch on my eyeball, so I’ve been seeing doctors a lot,” he told Ellen Degeneres.

“A few weeks ago, three weeks ago or something like that, I woke up and I couldn’t open my eye, which meant I couldn’t open either of my eyes. It just hurt.


“The doctor I’ve been speaking with, he said, ‘Look, I think we have to sort this out. I think this has been happening too many times. He took one look at my eye and he aid, ‘We’re gonna operate on it now’

“And I said, ‘But I’ve got a show at 5pm’. And he said, ‘No you don’t.’He said, ‘You don’t have a show ’till the earliest next week. You’ve got to do this right now.”

And so Corden went under the knife then and there, expiation that he was awake for the whole surgery.

He then went on to reveal that this particular eye injury was the real reason why he didn’t drive during that now infamous Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber.


“There was a big thing on the internet, where someone filmed me and Justin Bieber doing a Carpool Karaoke and we were being towed by a truck and people were saying it was a disgrace that I didn’t really drive,” he said.

“Well the reason I didn’t drive that day was because my eye was really hurting and we were worried it wouldn’t be safe.”

We’re glad to see that James is now doing well following his eye surgery and hopefully he won’t have to experience this sort of pain again.

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