Yesterday Jason Derulo went viral on TikTok for one of the most horrifying videos that we’ve ever seen in what seemed like a hack gone wrong.

ICYMI, Jason attempted a trick for eating corn on the cob by putting it on an electric drill and spinning it around.

But the video seemingly ended in an epic fail as it looked like Derulo had knocked his two front teeth out!

The video and audio were both equally horrifying and the thought of it still sends shivers down our spine.


@jasonderuloDon’t try this 😭😭😭♬ original sound – jasonderulo


Although one good thing did come from it, with Chrissy Teigen reposting the video with the brilliant caption “Jathon Derulo”. Classic.

Anyway, at the time we questioned whether or not the video was legit or whether Jason had pulled off an elaborate prank on his followers. And for our own sanity we needed to know the truth.

Derulo has since posted a follow up video of him chatting to his girlfriend, with the two teeth still missing, talking about going to get his teeth repaired.

@jasonderulo@jenafrumes trying to make me feel better😭♬ original sound – jasonderulo

And look it’s convincing. The dude sure knows how to act. But now we know the truth. It was a prank you guys! THANK GOODNESS!

Jason just so happens to be a good friend of the Kyle and Jackie O show and we we reached out to him to find out whether the whole thing was true or not.

He sent a text back saying, “LOL, yeah just a joke”.

Looks like it really was all for the TikTok likes and Jason’s teeth are still as beautiful as ever.

@jasonderulo😁😁😁♬ crystal dolphin switch up – kyleyoumadethat

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