I’m well aware that headline looks like it was written by your Uncle who doesn’t get invited to family functions anymore because he gets a little “too spirited” at the bar BUT IT’S TRUE!

Jay-Z has invested $16,500,000 USD (that’s over $25mil Australian dollary-doos!) into a soon-to-launch mobile robot-powered pizza restaurant. Yes, the future is here, and it’s tasty.

Stellar Pizza has developed an automated truck service that will make your pizza en route to the delivery address using low-cost robotics to serve delicious and high-quality pizzas at an affordable cost. Three of the company’s founding members are former SpaceX engineers so you just KNOW they’ve done the smarty-pants maths to make sure this all works.

They’re hoping to launch in America before the year’s end, and all going to plan, I assume world domination is next on the list. Keep across any updates via their Instagram HERE.