As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world, we’re all being told to try and self-isolate and avoid social contact where possible.

And it looks like American artist JoJo has taken this as an opportunity to come out of the shadows and release a new version of her 2004 hit ‘Leave (Get Out) that none of us knew we needed.

It’s basically a promotional anthem all about self-isolation, telling people to stay inside and practice social distancing. Of course, it’s called Chill (Stay In).

JoJo unveiled the song on TikTok, belting out the new tune completely A capella in what looks like her dining room.

And after listening to it intently we have two things to say. DAMN this girl has one heck of a voice and also this is now our new fav song.


Here’s the revised lyrics:

“I never thought corona, could be such a nasty bitch,” JoJo sings in the video, slapping her hands on the table in front of her to keep the beat.

“But now that she’s here/Boy all I want/Is for you to use common sense.”

Now for the chorus. Prepare yourselves…

“Stay in/Right now/Do it for humanity/I’m deadass/About that/But we will survive.”

Not just a great message, but an absolute banger in our opinion. Honestly, what a work of art.


We’re off to go learn those lyrics by heart so we can sing along. Lucky no one will hear us belting this out while we’re social distancing, amiright?


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