We’ve heard it time and time again about Married At First Sight – The editing isn’t fair and the producers have too much control.

And the latest MAFS contestant to get fed up with it is Josh Pihlak, who has taken to his Instagram page to vent.

While Josh is still on the experiment, meaning that Channel 9 would get approval of everything posted to his social media accounts, Josh has gone absolutely rogue in a new tell-all video.

In the explosive 3-minute video, Josh takes aim at  the editing, producers and all of the trolls out there, while also confirming his split from his onscreen wife Cathy.

“Open and transparent straight off the chest,” Josh simply wrote in the caption.


The first thing that Josh addresses in the video is Cathy, and while things aren’t great for their relationship onscreen at the moment, they are technically still married. Josh however confirms that they aren’t still together after the show.

“First of all I want to say we’re not meant to be using our social media, we’re meant to be keeping it all hush hush and quiet,” Josh said in the video. “But I think sometimes it’s better to speak up and I definitely think this is the right time to do so.

“First of all I want to say Cathy, beautiful girl I have nothing against her, it just didn’t work out. It’s unfortunate.”


Let’s all take a moment to shed a tear for what Cathy and Josh could have been…

Josh then goes on about the editing of the show, saying he knew going into MAFS that it would be highly manipulated, but he was left completely upset by how his family has been portrayed.


Josh even claimed that his own mother and little brothers have been receiving death threats following her appearance on the show.

“Watching back last night what transpired and what actually happened was just an absolute joke,” Josh continued.

“It definitely takes a toll when your mum, yourself and your little brothers are receiving death threats. It isn’t cool.”

“What transpired at that lunch yesterday was an absolute crock of sh*t,” Josh continued in reference to his home visit with Cathy on Monday night’s episode.

“Yes my mum did bring up the three days which I shut down straight away, and then we had the producers come in and say, ‘Now Mandy we’ll get you to ask in particular Cathy and Josh three things you like about each other and three things you don’t as a constructive criticism.”

“My main concern is just the hate to my little brothers especially, it’s ridiculous,” Josh continued.


Josh then had a message for anyone thinking of going on Married At First Sight in the future.

“I just can’t stress enough for people who are thinking about trying out for this show, just have a good hard think because once you sign that contract, any footage, the audio can be cut up and sliced however they choose,” Josh said.

“It says in the fine print you may or may not be received in a positive light and me being naeve I thought, ‘Why not. Give it a chance. How could this possibly go wrong?’. But it’s just so disappointing to see how they make that come across. How much they left out.”

He concluded by saying that he’s happy to cop the bad edit on the chin because he signed up for it, but the fact that his family is now involved and are receiving alleged death threats, it’s become way too personal.

Former MAFS contestant Lauren Huntriss, who last also claimed she got a bad edit, wrote a message of support for josh in the comments section.

“I’m so proud of you for doing this Joshy! You have my full support mate,” she wrote.


The video is still up on Josh’s Instagram account at the time of writing this, but who knows whether MAFS producers will be making him delete it in the future.

We hope Josh is doing okay now!

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