Dear Diary…

Robin received a letter from an anonymous person named “J” who is a fan of Robin, Terry & Bob and wanted to share the ramblings of their personal journal.

“J” said she can’t share the contents of her journal with people close to her like her husband, family and friends, but felt comfortable for Robin to read it out. She said she’s changed the names but not the locations (mostly).

Over the last few weeks, we have followed J on her journey around Brisbane as she comes to terms with her feelings for another man.

About J: What We Know So Far! 

  • J is a casual pathology nurse who attends different pathology clinics around Brisbane in 2017.
  • J is married and her husband’s name is Sam.
  • J has a daughter who is 5 years old named Bella.
  • J is developing an infatuation with a man named Thomas Michael Gillies, who she keeps running into.
  • J said she’s met Robin in-real-life once in 2017 at a fruit shop.
  • Most of her day-to-day activities are based around the western suburbs of Brisbane.
  • J said her daughter attended John Carew Swim School on Tuesday afternoons in Indooroopilly – after she found out Thomas Michael Gillies also attended the pool.

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