Self proclaimed god, and man who likes to wear funny clothes and call it “fashion”, Kanye West is in a little hot water. Although he’s worth an alleged $2 billion USD he’s not keen on paying bills apparently.

Fashion rental service the ‘David Casavant Archive’ have a long list of celebrity clientele including Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Tom Brady, Pharrell, 21 Savage and more. This list used to include Mr West, until very recently. The company are suing Kanye for over $400,000 due to unpaid fees and unreturned items.

TMZ have obtained the lawsuit and found Kanye stopped paying the rental fees back in 2020 for 13 “rare, esteemed pieces” which he also never returned to the archive. Come on man! He’s rented almost 50 pieces from the archive since 2014 and apparently this is the first time they’ve had an issue with him. One of the pieces he’s holding hostage is a parka jacket worth $50k. THAT’S A HOUSE DEPOSIT!

No word yet from Kanye’s camp. Who knows, maybe he’s getting tight on cash??

Story via TMZ

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