If there’s one thing that we know about Karl Stefanovic, it’s that he’s got no time for the paparazzi and gossip publications that will do anything to create a story; even if that means compelety fabricating information.

Unfortunately, Karl is one of the Aussie celebs out there who gets hit by the rumours more often than others with gossip almost constantly circling about his personal life and work life.

One major rumour that has been circling ever since the surprising shake up to The Today Show that saw Lisa Wilkinson make the shock decision to leave the show, was that Karl hates his new co-host, Georgie Gardner.

And so when Karl chose to wake up with Kyle and Jackie O this morning as well as his Today Show audience, they decided to ask him about this rumour so that he could set the record straight once and for all.

“Let’s address some of those,” said Jackie in reference to the rumours. “You and Georgie, all good?”

And while it might be painful to have some pretty serious lies made up about you, at least Karl can have a sense of humour about it. He jokingly began his answer by saying, “yeah we hate each other” and mimicked what the headlines would probably say after his interview, “Karl Hates Georgie.”

But he then continued to say he has no idea where these rumour’s originated from and thinks that they’re completely ridiculous because if he didn’t like working with Georgie, he wouldn’t continue to do so.


“I don’t know where it comes from. Georgie and I, we love working together…she’s fantastic,” revealed Karl. “Wherever it comes from, it doesn’t matter. If you didn’t like working with each other, like you two, you wouldn’t do it. You would not sign up for it unless you did.”

Karl continued to throw compliments around for his “wonderful” and “outstanding” co-host, but as for the gossip mags, he had some rather harsh words to say to those who make a living tearing him and his family down. And he wasn’t afraid to name, names!

“It’s just disgusting. Places and publications like Woman’s Day, New Idea, and publications like the Daily Mail are disgraceful,” said Karl. “I guess there’s a market for it, so I can’t do anything about it…you’ve got to live with it.


So there you have it! Looks like all is good over at camp Today Show!

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