Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated music video for You Need To Calm Down has officially dropped! And while it features practically every celebrity under the sun, there’s one star feature that’s got everyone talking.

That’s right Swifty fans, we all guessed it! Katy Perry just made an appearance in the clip after her and Taylor sensationally ended their long-running feud last week.

Katy appeared in the video dressed as a burger, which might be unusual if she hadn’t dressed the exact same way for the Met Gala (an easter egg for what was to come perhaps?) while Tay Tay was dressed up as hot chips and the pair hugged it out.

Taylor spoke about the video and reconciling with Katy on a breakfast radio show over in the UK, saying that this has been a “positive turn” in her life.

“I asked her if she’d be interested in this and Katy said, ‘I’d love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness’.


“I feel the same way about it,” Taylor said.

Katy and Taylor have both since shared photos from the clip on their socials of them hugging. Katy wrote, “This meal if BEEF-free” in her caption, while Taylor said, “A happy meal”.

The video also features other supporters of the LGBTQ+ community including Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul and the cast of Queer Eye.

It’s set in a trailer park and features all the colours of the rainbow with some seriously trendy outfits from our girl Tay.


At one point Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson can be seen at the alter with his husband Justin Mikita while Adam Lambert gives Ellen Degeneres a tattoo. 

While the clip shows a bunch of protestors shouting at Taylor and her crew, they couldn’t care less and just keep sipping on their tea and ignoring the haters. 

At the end of the video clip, a message appears on screen saying, “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally.”

It also asks for viewers to go and sign a petition on Change.org for senate support of the Equality Act.

“I just feel really strongly about our governments wanting to protect everyone,” Taylor said during the same radio interview.

“We are very behind on that in my country.”


You can watch the music video below!

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